Mariana dos Santos Pires

Mariana (b. Lisbon 1995) is a Portuguese-Mozambican photographer and filmmaker based between London and Lisbon.

With a passion for all things artistic, Mariana has developed a unique perspective on capturing subjects through her lens. Her work is characterized by a blend of cultural influences from the various artistic disciplines she has studied over the years. This unique blend of influences has allowed her to develop a style that is striking, intimate, feminine, and always alive.


UGG, Google, Juicy Couture, Dove, Auné, Oh Lydia Intimates, Champion Europe, Boiler Room, Levis, Air Jordan, Nike, Pinterest UK

Celeste, GABRIELS, Grace Carter, Cosima, Flo,  SIGRID, GRIFF, Chrissi, Matt Maltese, Laura Roy, Bina, Dino d'Santiago

Bricks Magazine, Refinery29 UK, Wonderland, Hunger Magazine


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